HUAWEI Video partners Astro for Malaysian movies this National Day

HUAWEI Video partners Astro for Malaysian movies this National Day

Kuala Lumpur, 28 August 2020 – In conjunction with Malaysia’s 63rd National Day, HUAWEI Video, the video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platform by HUAWEI has partnered Astro to offer over 130 Malaysians movies on its “Merdeka Bundle” video package  from 29 August until 16 September 2020. The Merdeka initiative by Huawei pays tribute to local movies and their producers in presenting their stories to Malaysians.

At RM20 per bundle, users can binge-watch any eight movies under the ‘Merdeka Bundle’ package selections which includes local productions such as ‘Wira’ Bundle, Horror Bundle, and Family Bundle.  For every purchase of any Merdeka Bundle package, users will get a chance to redeem prizes worth up to RM60,000 which include a HUAWEI P40 Pro. Users may also purchase all three bundle packages to increase their chances of winning the prizes up to three times.

Additionally, a 20% discount is given for ala carte purchase of any movie offered.

Free view of Malaysia-made film ‘Pusaka’ at home this Merdeka

HUAWEI Video users can also enjoy a popular horror investigative film, ‘Pusaka’ for free, from 29 August to 16 September.  

`Pusaka` tells the story of a skilled detective, Inspector Nuar who discovers twins mysteriously locked up in an abandoned house. He suddenly starts suffering a series of unexplained hauntings and soon, individuals linked to the case begin mysteriously dying. With his better judgement progressively affected, Inspector Nuar must race against time to solve the dark mystery behind the two girls before it`s too late.

Released in 2019 and grossing RM14 million in the local box office and nominated during the Malaysia Film Award 2020, ‘Pusaka’ wowed Malaysians with its outstanding storyline that combined horror and investigative elements. Since its initial release, the movie garnered critical acclaim and was labelled as one of the best local horror movies.

Besides ‘Pusaka’, other popular local movies will also be featured in HUAWEI video including ‘Misteri Dilaila ’ and ‘Sangkar’, available on rental basis priced from RM 3 to RM 9.90.