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IDC Awards Astro with Talent Accelerator of The Year

IDC Awards Astro with Talent Accelerator of The Year

International Data Corporation (‘IDC’) presents Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (‘Astro’) with the Talent Accelerator award for Malaysia in its second Digital Transformation Awards (IDC DX Awards) today. The award is in recognition of Astro’s game-changing stride and achievements in its digital transformation journey in Malaysia.

Phuah Aik Chong, Chief Technology Officer of Astro said, “Astro’s aspiration along our transformation journey is to reinvent ourselves and transform into a truly digital company. This starts with rethinking the ways we work, reskilling our talents and reimagining Astro’s offerings of tomorrow. Skills and strategies that resulted in past successes need to be revamped to ensure future successes, which is why we have pivoted to focus on skills that instil a sustainable culture of innovation and continuous iteration.

To reimagine a stronger Astro in the new digital landscape, our staff embarked on an innovation journey via our multi-tier Certified Innovator Programme (CIP) and Certified Technology Professional (CTP) programmes, both designed specifically for Astro by our collaboration with Amazon. This leads to increased adoption of the innovation framework by managers and individual contributors. Participants gained capabilities to embed elements of Lean Enterprise and frame challenges from a customer centric perspective to deliver products/services that resonate with customers.

Our talent focused innovation journey has also touched on skills that redefine the way technology is leveraged, changing fundamental team structures to deliver trendsetting products and services, and augmenting and growing talent within the broader ecosystem. In a landscape where digital technologies are driving waves of change, Astro is committed to investing and enabling our talent in unlocking new opportunities. Our efforts in the above areas for talent accelerator have shown promising results, and we’re looking forward for these practices to be the new normal soon.”

"As the future of work (FOW) is experiencing disruptions due to innovation and adoption of emerging technologies along with changing employee behaviours; it is imperative for organisations to upskill their employees to keep them relevant and gain competitive advantage by utilising their newly acquired skills. Astro's initiatives in this direction are impressive and IDC hopes that Astro will keep these initiatives ongoing and continue setting a benchmark on talent development for other companies in Malaysia and across the region," said Baseer Siddiqui, Senior Research Manager, IDC ASEAN.

Astro’s talent accelerator project was selected among other high-quality entries received from end-user organisations across Malaysia. This initial win at country-level allows Astro to qualify as one of IDC’s finalists for the regional awards which will be benchmarked against other winners in the same category to ultimately determine the region’s best of the best.
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