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Njoi, which comprises a set-top box, Out-Door Unit (ODU) satellite dish, smartcard and remote control unit, is now available. Njoi gives consumers in Malaysia access to quality education, information and entertainment including sports and music on 22 TV and 20 radio channels with no monthly subscription.

The channels included in Njoi from Astro will consist of quality educational channels, such as Astro Tutor TV UPSR, PMR and SPM, as well as other entertainment and information channels like Astro Prima, Astro Oasis, Astro Awani, Astro AEC, Jia Yu, Makkal TV, CCTV4, Bernama TV, iView, TVi, TV1, TV2, Astro Xiao Tai Yang and 20 radio stations.

The Njoi service, which will be available nationwide, delivers Astro’s quality and choice in programming for free, and is an important step to for Astro to remain as customer’s preferred choice in home entertainment. Regardless of whether Malaysians choose to go with Pay-TV or Njoi’s Free-TV, Astro provides them with the opportunity to exercise their viewership rights to access quality information, education, entertainment and sports.
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