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An elevated sensory experience in High Definition with 5 times greater details, vibrant colours and multi-dimensional audio.More

Astro PVR decoder

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Experience the new way of watching Astro. Gain access to a huge library of on demand titles that you can pick and watch instantly.More

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PVR Installation Fee PVR Installation Fee - Mobile
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To add a HD-PVR decoder, you are required to have an existing Astro subscription. Select from any of our bundled packs - Super Pack or Super Pack Plus.

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Follow the steps below:

  • Tune into Channel 200 on your Set Top Box
  • Select Add Pack
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Astro Multiroom

Astro Multiroom

Watch the TV you love in different rooms, at the same time. You also get Astro Go at no extra cost, for a truly multi-screen experience.

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Super Pack & Super Pack Plus

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Why do I need to connect the PVR to my home Wifi?

By connecting your PVR to a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows anytime On Demand.
With On Demand access, you can:

  • Catch up on missed episodes
  • Binge-watch full seasons of your favourite TV shows
  • Watch certain exclusive content which are only available on demand
Is there a contract period for the Personal Video Recorder (PVR)?
  • If you have signed up for a PVR (New customers), you will have to maintain your Astro subscription for 24 months, or a pro-rated penalty of RM500 shall apply.
  • If you have signed up for a PVR (Existing customers), you will have to maintain your Astro subscription for 24 months, or a pro-rated penalty of RM240 shall apply.
  • If you take up a PVR decoder at a special offer with the package subscription of Super Pack Lite / Super Pack / Super Pack Plus / monthly subscription > RM169.60 (price includes Govt tax), you will have to maintain your package subscription for a minimum of 6 months, or a flat penalty fee of RM106 (price includes Govt tax) shall apply
Is there a recording fee attached to the PVR?
  • If you are subscribed to one of the Astro Packs which comes with the HD-PVR service (Eg. Family HD, Value Pack, Super Pack or Super Pack Plus) your monthly subscription price is inclusive of the HD-PVR service fee.
  • Otherwise, you will be subject to a monthly HD-PVR service fee of RM26.50 (price includes Govt Tax).
Does the PVR come with a warranty?
  • The PVR comes with a 12 months warranty from date of activation.
Do I have to maintain a minimum subscription fee on my PVR?
  • To continue enjoying your PVR decoder and service, you must maintain a minimum monthly subscription fee of RM60 (not inclusive of the recording fee and Govt. Tax).
Can the PVR service fee be added as an ala-carte?
  • Yes, the PVR service fee can be added as an ala-carte service at RM10.60 (price includes Govt Tax).