Enjoy 30Mbps Broadband and Astro at RM 99

Enjoy 30Mbps Broadband and Astro at RM 99

Astro & Broadband now has a special offer - 30Mbps internet broadband with Astro’s Family Pack for as low as RM 99. The best of content and high-speed broadband offer is available for all including existing Astro and NJOI customers. With this bundle, customers can save RM30 a month on their Astro and broadband subscription.

Customers on the Family Pack can enjoy programmes such as Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019; Popular Malay drama Demi Rindu; latest season of reality hit show such as The Voice and The Good Doctor, same day as the US; popular Chinese shows such as Call Me Handsome and many more.

All customers will also have free access to Astro GO which allows them to stream videos at their convenience. The Astro & Broadband bundle is unique as it not only caters to the connected lifestyle of a modern family, but also individuals’ needs for information, entertainment and staying connected. Customers are encouraged to connect their set top box to unlock more than 15, 000 On Demand titles as part of their pack entitlement.

For customers who would like to enjoy more content and Astro’s new Ultra Box, they can upgrade to Super Pack with 100Mbps at RM250/month and enjoy free installation for the Ultra Box. The Ultra experience includes 4K UHD, Cloud Recording and a fresh new user interface that is seamless across device screens, improved content recommendations based on viewing history, play from start functions and the ability to record multiple shows at the same time.

Astro is also offering a Starter Pack bundle at a special price of RM119 for 30 Mbps and RM159 for 100 Mbps respectively. The starter Pack comes with more than 60 channels, including free HD and recording service.

Interested customers and for more information on all available offers, please visit https://www.astro.com.my/broadband