‘Teddy bear doctor’ – Dr.Madhusudhan, Dato’ Sri Andy and Master Manisekaran among featured unsung heroes 

It is the small acts of kindness that often leave the biggest impact and these acts of kindness by unsung heroes often go unnoticed. Saathanai Hero-kkal, a 1-year campaign by RAAGA and Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd celebrates and pays tribute to selfless deeds of everyday Malaysian heroes who have made notable differences in the lives of others.

RAAGA listeners can submit or nominate an unsung hero they think should be featured for their achievements on www.raaga.my before the campaign ends on 4 January 2019. The most inspiring stories will be shortlisted and interviewed on RAAGA’s Kalakkal Kaalai segment by Anantha and Uthaya.

Subramanian Veerasamy, Content Manager of RAAGA said, “We are truly amazed by the kindness of our everyday Malaysians who have dedicated their lives to helping communities in need regardless of their own circumstances. We hope that by featuring these stories on air, RAAGA continues to encourage Malaysians to be a force of good. In partnership with Digi, we hope to deliver more inspirational stories to our 1.29 million listeners, through our content on multiple platforms.”

Rajeeswaran Vengadasalam, Segment Lead for of Digi’s Activation & Sponsorship said,”Being inspiring has always been part of the way we work in Digi. We are encouraged to be a source of inspiration to those around us not only at work but also in our personal lives.  And this is what we were looking for when we started this journey with Astro Radio’s RAAGA, searching for individuals who have created their own inspiring stories without asking for anything in return. We hope more Malaysians will be inspired by the stories of our unsung heroes and in turn, think about how they can help bring change to their respective communities and make a difference.”

Since the kick-off of Saathanai Hero-kkal in June 2018, seven unsung heroes from the wide pool of nominees received, have been featured on RAAGA’s Kalakkal Kaalai segment.

Among the unsung heroes featured to date are ‘Teddy Bear Doctor’ Dr S. Madhusudhan, who has provided free medical care for the homeless and for those who cannot afford basic medical needs; founder and Group Managing Director of Everest Group of Companies, Dato’ Sri Andy, who helped Typhoon Haiyan victims and provided free delivery of goods to selected charities; and, founder of Malaysian Yoga Society, Master Manisekaran, who conducts yoga workshops and classes for underprivileged children.

Saathanai Hero-kkal has also highlighted other selfless everyday heroes such as Shalini, an eco-warrior with a passion for helping those in need, who carries out recycling initiatives are donates the money she collects to cancer patients; Jacob Isaac, not limited by his physical disability, and donates a portion of his hard-earned income to several Tamil schools; Mahendran, a relentless reflexology owner who, although having lost his eyesight, still puts others first by actively working in a charity for the blind; and, Puspa Rani, a fearless leader who runs a non-governmental organisation, Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) and with a mission to rescue abused animals.

For more information on Saathanai Hero-kkal and RAAGA, log on to www.raaga.my.