Get the Best UEFA EURO 2020™ Viewing Experience on Astro

Get the Best UEFA EURO 2020™ Viewing Experience on Astro

Astro is excited to bring sports fans the best viewing experience for UEFA EURO 2020™ on TV and Astro GO. Watch UEFA EURO 2020™ like never before on the Ultra Box, with all 51 live matches in 4K UHD. Sports Pack customers get complimentary access to UEFA EURO 2020™ and free upgrade to the Ultra Box for eligible customers to provide the most premium football viewing experience.

Azlin Arshad, Commercial Director of Astro said: “Astro Sports Pack customers deserve the best sports viewing experience and we are delighted to introduce them to the New Astro Experience. Sports Pack customers will be entitled to an unparalleled UEFA EURO 2020™ viewing experience with all 51 matches in 4K UHD on the Ultra Box.”

“In addition, we have curated flexible packages and a new Sports Pack that features all our sports channels including UEFA EURO 2020™ for our commercial customers. We are confident that live sports viewing will spur higher customer footfall to F&B outlets and hotels. In addition, we will hold special viewing events at our partner outlets to drive stickiness and reconnections as well as encourage legal viewing of sports.”

CK Lee, Head of Sports, Astro said: “Premium live sports have always been a cornerstone of our content offering, driving viewership on TV and Astro GO. After a one-year wait, Astro is reigniting the excitement for UEFA EURO 2020™ with a 4-day consumer event from 1 to 4 April at Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid. Come experience Astro’s innovative line-up of products including Ultra Box, Ulti Box, Astro GO and Astro Broadband. Sign up for Astro Sports Pack at the event and stand a chance to win one 4K TV each day of the event. As part of our Goal Mania campaign, all existing and new Sports Pack customers stand to win one of the 51 4K TVs we are giving away.”

The Best Coverage for Sports Pack Customers
UEFA EURO 2020™ kicks off on 12 June with the opening match between Turkey and Italy at 3AM (MYT). Customers can stream on Astro GO or watch on the two dedicated HD channels (CH 810 and CH809) which will begin showing qualifying matches, highlights, friendly matches and magazine shows from 1st June, while the two UHD channels (CH781 and CH782) for Ultra Box customers will only show live matches and repeats.

Catch the Premier League, finals of the FA Cup, Europa League and Champions League in the run-up to UEFA EURO 2020™. Sports Pack features 11 HD channels to provide coverage of the biggest global sporting events like the, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A, as well as other sports including Formula 1, Moto GP, UFC, NBA, Tennis, Badminton and many more.

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