Astro ushers in Year of the Metal Ox with Malaysians themed ‘Sharing Abundance’ #MooMooDa2021

Astro ushers in Year of the Metal Ox with Malaysians  themed ‘Sharing Abundance’ #MooMooDa2021

KUALA LUMPUR 23 DECEMBER 2020 – As we bid farewell to the challenging 2020, Astro ushers in Year of the Metal Ox with all Malaysians, embracing the new year with a renewed sense of hope. During the pandemic, numerous aspects of daily lives were affected, with many forced to stay apart from family and close friends. Acknowledging the realities of the new norm, Astro celebrates the upcoming Year of the Metal Ox with the tagline of 心连心希望,元气满满Moo Moo哒 (Xin Lian Xin Xi Wang, Yuan Qi Man Man Moo Moo Da) which means “with love and hearts close to each other, physical distance is not a barrier, hope never vanishes, and together, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel and unleash the vitality of positive vibes.”    

Astro is optimistic that in keeping with its traditions of Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations, Malaysians will find joy and comfort during this unprecedented time, specifically through the premieres of exciting CNY programmes, Moo Moo Da CNY Album, Moo Moo Da CNY merchandise, Moo Moo Da Web AR and Moo Moo Da CNY e-stickers. Also in the pipeline is the Astro Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign, themed “Your Purchase Has A Purpose”, where RM1 from every merchandise sold will be donated to a dedicated CNY Orphanage Charity Fund to help the less fortunate. 

With the growing preference of enjoying more high-quality entertainment safely at home, Astro customers can look forward to an exciting range of originals and specially produced CNY content premiering including:

Grand Event - Astro CNY Countdown Gala 2021

The grand countdown will bring Astro celebrities together under one roof. Assigned to three different “families”, namely “春” (Chun, or Spring Season), “福” (Fu, or Happiness) and “喜” (Xi, or Joy), they will entertain everyone with dedicated, coordinated performances. Pre-recorded well-wishes from the audience of “百家姓” (Bai Jia Xing,or Hundreds of Family Names)will also be presented. Meanwhile, the “百家布 Moo Moo哒”, (Bai Jia Bu Moo Moo Da, or the Patchwork Cloth) wholeheartedly handmade by celebrities will be unveiled, showing solidarity in creating and spreading positive energy. 

CNY Special Programmes – An Extension of #CGM 20 Anniversary Celebration

•The Golden Club (TGC) Classic Balik Kampung CNY Special 2021 invites members of TGC to cook traditional CNY dishes of their ancestral origin. Their family members and friends from The Golden Club are also invited to grace the reunion gathering. 

•The Golden Melodies (TGM) CNY Special 2021 will feature three episodes of traditional and classic CNY songs.  Together, celebrities will unveil eight spring festival couplets to send warm and hearty blessings to the audience. 

•The two-episode Classics Alive CNY Special, originally produced by Classics Alive under #CGM20, features the original cast - including the judges and the contestants - completing a 9 grid box task together upholding the spirit of the programme to perform in an inspiring way to bring about new lives and meanings to the CNY songs.

CNY Special – Movies and TV Series:

•Hua Hee Ever After is a must-watch CNY movie on the eve of 9th day of CNY (Bai Tian Gong Hokkien Festival). Jack Yap and Mei Sim play the roles of husband and wife for the first time, describing a son-in-law of a different ancestral origin who mingles into a Hokkien family and starts learning about Hokkien culture and tradition. The movie also depicts lives in the new norm.   

•Howdy My Friend!, a TV mini-series directed by renowned director Tan Seng Kiat, and the first Chinese Youth TV series in Malaysia which explores the existence of souls through warm and loving stories from the perspective of kids. Award-winning actor Coby Chong and young actor Chandler Phua, play the roles of father and son, portraying the preciousness of family bonds and the meanings of CNY. In addition to the family reunion, CNY is also a time where we reminisce on the companionship of our loved ones. 

•XUAN’s digital platform will premiere Aunty Lan Homecoming, a comedy web series featuring Aunty Lan, its first Hakka character. XUAN will also produce a heart-warming telemovie titled To 2021, with the message to cherish moments spent together with our loved ones and live our lives to the fullest.

Astro customers can also enjoy other local and international CNY special family programmes from January 2021 including: Heart 2 Heart Kitchen S3, a cooking show on Astro AEC hosted by Darren Chong and featuring a group of young celebrities who visit a cafeteria, taking the audience on a journey to indulge in the “taste of hope”; and the new Feng Shui Made Easy, where fortune-teller Master Paw, host Cheryl Lee along with popular Malaysian celebrities will share fengshui information and tips. On TVB Jade Channel, customers can look forward to more feng shui tips in Feng Shui Voyage 2021 and delectable recipes in cooking show, Maria`s Auspicious Menu 5. Kids can also enjoy their favourite festive line up on Xiao Tai Yang including Doo Doo Rhythm & Beat S2 CNY Special and Xiao Tai Yang Fun Stay Home Mini Showcase. Astro customers can stream all these and more on their preferred devices via Astro GO.

Astro’s Year of the Metal Ox Mascot ‘Moo Moo Da’

plush toys and merchandise available nationwide from 3 January 2021 

In addition to the exciting CNY specials, Malaysians can look forward to the much anticipated Astro 2021 limited edition merchandise, CNY Special Album, children’s favourite ‘Moo Moo Da’ plush toys, USBs and facemasks, which will also be available at selected Popular bookstores nationwide from 3 January 2021. All Malaysians can also place their orders to take home the adorable ‘Moo Moo Da’ via the Plus One Online Facebook page from today, or via Popular bookstores website from 24 December. RM1 from all purchases will go towards the “Purchase Has a Purpose” CSR campaign for the less fortunate.  Separately, interested customers may visit Uniqlo outlets at Fahrenheit 88 or Damansara Square from 8 January to 5 February 2021 to have their customized “Moo Moo Da x Uniqlo” T-shirts printed.

Malaysians also stand a chance to win a grand prize of more than RM60,000 when they take or create group pictures featuring the Moo Moo Da mascot and send in their well-wishes via the MooMooDa Web AR. For more details, visit Malaysians can also download adorable Moo Moo Da CNY stickers via the Google Play Store or App Store. 

More than 90 local celebrities and social media influencers  participate in 

Moo Moo Da CNY Album, with 9 new CNY songs

All Malaysians can enjoy this year’s Astro CNY album featuring more than 60 artistes from Astro, including its radio brands - MY, MELODY and GOXUAN for the jointly-produced, vibrant CNY theme song titled 元气满满Moo Moo 哒 (Yuan Qi Man Man Moo Moo Da). The CNY Album, produced as part of an official collaboration with Multimedia, includes 9 new and original CNY songs, including the Astro CNY theme song, Go Shop CNY Song, and 5 new composed CNY songs – 《今年全Cow你》,《一起Cow Cow Moo》,《年盼》,《好运飘呀飘》and《年Year越来越好》. Fans can also enjoy two bonus tracks, namely《恭喜你》and《Let’s Get Loud》, making it a CNY album with the most number of CNY songs in it.

Kicked start the Go Shop CNY MOOMOODA Campaign  

Go Shop celebrates this festive season with its CNY MOOMOODA campaign from 15 December 2020 to 15 February 2021. During this campaign period, the top 38 spenders with a minimum of 3 orders will stand a chance to win RM23,888 worth of prizes through the Fortune Moo Moo Contest. Go Shop’s RM888,888 Ang Pow Giveaway awards customers an instant RM28 off with minimum spend of RM300 when they use the promo code ‘MOOMOO28’ for products showcased on Go Shop’s TV programmes from 15 December 2020 – 31 January 2021. Meanwhile, customers can also stand a chance to win RM28,888 worth of prizes through the Catch MOOMOODA game on Go Shop’s mobile app from 1 February – 14 February 2021. For more information, please log on to

At the virtual launch of the Astro Moo Moo Da campaign today, popular Astro and other Malaysian celebrities as well as social media influencers were present, including Siow Hui Mei, Gan Jiang Han, Jack Lim, Jack Yap, Yoon, Mei Sim, Anson Kow, Daniel Wong, Jie Ying, Catherine Kai Xin, Freddie Ng, Grace Lee, Jazz Bai Ling , Amy Chan, Jens Cheong, Candy Xiao Tong Jie Jie, Hai Chyi, Ezen Chan, Ying Ling, Coby Chong, Chandler Phua, Juztin Lan, Cedric Loo, Nicole Lai, Joey Leong, Pauline Tan, Michiyo Ho, Han Xiao Ai, 3P group(Danny and Kevin), Pong Pong (Jeii & Gaston), Huan, Akiyo, with My All Stars celebrities Jordan Lim, Jaydan Pang, Kryston, Adele Ng, Cherry Cheng and Quinna; along with the music producer for Astro’s CNY songs, Ciang Teng.

For more information, please visit  #MOOMOODA2021


Astro与全民新常态下迎接金牛年,全马民众一起《心连心希望,元气满满Moo Moo 哒》

(吉隆坡23日讯)送走艰辛的2020年,Astro与全民一起疫境中“心连心”拥抱新希望,迎来“元气满满Moo Moo 哒”的金牛年!过去一年里,全马各地都饱受疫情冲击,生活受到严重影响,有者更因此被迫与亲人朋友分离。Astro藉以牛年新春标语《心连心希望,元气满满Moo Moo哒》传达“只要有心有爱,距离不是问题,心心相连希望不灭,齐心即能走出光明路,释放满满元气能量”的讯息。

尽管这个金牛年注定要与往年庆佳节的方式有所不同,但Astro依然坚持初衷延续传统,推出一系列新春活动,包括连串精彩丰富的新春节目内容、《Moo Moo哒》贺岁专辑、各种Moo Moo哒新春周边商品、Moo Moo 哒AR、《一份周边,一块筑梦》(CSR)活动,以及Moo Moo哒新春电子贴纸等等。确保全马民众在新常态下也能感受浓厚的迎春气氛和享受元气满满的新春佳节!


王牌新春倒数节目《元气满满Moo Moo哒迎春接福大庆典》- 2021年新春倒数盛事,集结Astro全台艺人分成‘春、福、喜’三大家族,联手表演共庆元气满满春节,同时找来百家姓民众参与线上录制献祝福,还有艺人心连心共同完成“百家布Moo Moo哒”,呈现一场众志成城的春节综艺能量联欢会。



• 一共3集的好经典新春特备《好经典 – 福气圆满Moo Moo哒》以连串的传统新年歌和经典名曲‘接力唱’方式,齐心用歌声和默契打开八幅春联,把暖心祝福透过节目送达家家户户。 

• 同样是在 #经典20下原创的《经典新声命》也将在春节推出两集《经典新声命 - 新年特辑2021》,节目原班人马包括陪审团与‘新声代’们除了须在节目中心连心完成九宫格任务外,也秉持节目精神,重塑经典新年歌曲,唱出新意思。


• 年初八拜天公必看欢喜台春节特备电视电影《欢喜万事兴》,由Jack叶朝明和云镁鑫首次携手出演欢喜夫妻档,讲述一位不同籍贯的女婿如何融入福建家庭并学习福建文化与习俗,同时剧情还会反映疫情下新常态生活。

• 由著名导演陈胜吉执导的Astro小太阳首部新春档迷你电视剧《1234567,我的朋友在哪里?》是大马首部以孩子的角度探讨灵魂存在的温馨单元故事,邀来视帝庄可比和小演员潘谦乐饰演父子,讲述亲情可贵并表达华人传统新年意义除了团圆也可借此缅怀曾经相伴的亲人。

• XUAN也将在这个春节推出首个从网络视频走入电视轻喜剧的客家角色《阿兰姐过年喽》,以及自2019年起至今无不缺席的新年微电影。2021年,XUAN再次全力打造与现今疫情新常态关联的感人温馨新年微电影《致2021》,旨在新常态中带出丝丝温暖,唤醒大家珍惜身边人的陪伴,活在当下。

更多海内外阖家欢的新春特备,将陆续从2021年1月启播,分别有Astro AEC的《新春食堂之希望 · 新生》 由主持人庄文杰与众新生代名人一起到食堂作客,带观众闻到‘希望’的味道。还有风水师鲍一凡与节目主持人李欣怡和多位大马著名艺人一同分享2021年风水资讯的全新节目《风水好简单》。而另一个风水王牌节目《玄来过新年 2021》和《肥妈新年新煮意5》今年也将在TVB翡翠台登场。还有深受小朋友喜爱的《逗逗瑶瑶 S2 新年特集》和《小太阳FUN在家迷你唱跳秀》也将在小太阳春节档播出,填满你家小朋友足不出户的欢乐时光。同时,观众还可透过Astro GO随时随地,利用手机或其他的电子设备观赏各自喜爱的节目,解决一家大小不同的娱乐选择享受。

Astro牛年吉祥物Moo Moo哒公仔和周边产品于明年1月3日全马发售 

除了海量的节目内容,万众期待的2021年Astro限量新春周边商品除了有每年全民必听的新春贺岁专辑,孩子们喜欢的吉祥物Moo Moo哒公仔和USB,还有防疫必备的面罩保护片等,将从2021年1月3日起在指定的大众书局门市发售,同时民众也可从即日起透过Plus One Online面子书专页以及隔天(12月24日)通过Popular Online线上预购,把满满元气带回家。想要穿上可爱Moo Moo Da T-恤的民众也可通过Plus One Online面子书专页订购,而想要一件独一无二专属订制《Moo Moo哒 x Uniqlo》新春T恤的民众则可于1月8日至2月5日期间,到位于Fahrenheit 88或Damansara Square的Uniqlo门市购买。


贯彻Astro牛年心连心的新春理念,邀你和亲朋好友在新春期间一起玩《Moo Moo哒 AR》,跟Moo Moo哒‘合照’制作线上贺年讯息、玩游戏赢取价值超过6万令吉大奖,更可以跟 Moo Moo哒 一起‘舞动’新春,详情请浏览 。此外,想要通过Whatsapp、iMessage和Telegram发送活泼可爱、惹人喜爱的Moo Moo哒表情包新春贴纸,也可通过Google Play Store和App Store下载。

Moo Moo哒贺岁专辑 集结超过90位本地艺人网红参与        收录9首全新贺岁歌

Astro每年所推出的贺岁主题曲无不唱得皆知巷闻,今年同样出动全台超过60位主播、主持人、电台DJ和MC合唱的贺岁主题曲《元气满满Moo Moo 哒》期盼能为在疫情阴霾下透过元气满满的歌词给人们带来新希望。此外,Moo Moo哒贺岁专辑今年也首次正式与Multimedia合作,收录了一共9首全新贺岁歌曲,分别是Astro贺岁主题曲《元气满满Moo Moo 哒》、Go Shop新年歌《新年来报到》、还有《今年全Cow你》、《一起Cow Cow Moo》、《年盼》、《好运飘呀飘》和《年Year越来越好》全新贺岁歌曲。同时,专辑还收录了两首附赠曲目《恭喜你》和《Let’s Get Loud》,可说是历年来收录最多首贺岁歌曲的一张贺岁专辑。

Go Shop 展开新春促销活动 享受现金回扣并有机会赢取高额丰富奖品

Go Shop将于2020年12月15日至2021年2月15日举办《元气满满Moo Moo 哒》新春活动以庆祝新年佳节。在此活动期间,消费额最高并累积3 次订单的38位客户将有机会透过“Fortune Moo Moo”竞赛活动赢取总值高达23,888令吉的丰富奖品。 从2020年12月15日至2021年1月31日,凡消费满300令吉并使用优惠码`MOOMOO28`购买Go Shop购物电视频道所展示的产品的客户将可透过“RM888,888 Ang Pow Giveaway” 活动获享28令吉的即时折扣。此外,客户可从2021年2月1日至2月14日参与Go Shop的手机应用程序“Catch MOOMOODA”游戏赢取总值高达28,888令吉的奖品。更多有关活动的详情,请浏览。

参与今日《心连心希望,元气满满Moo Moo 哒》线上新春发布会暨贺岁专辑推介礼的Astro和本地艺人,以及网络红人分别是萧慧敏、颜江瀚、林德荣、Jack叶朝明、Yoon吴家润、云镁鑫、Anson阿晨、Daniel黄震宇、赵洁莹、Catherine凯心、黄一飞、李玉钦、Jazz白琳、Amy陈丽媚、Jens张简宁、小潼姐姐、何海其、Ezen 陈奕伸、林映伶、Coby庄可比、潘谦乐、Juztin 刘界辉、Cedric 吕锐、Nicole 赖松凤、Joey 梁祖仪、Pauline 陈俐杏、Michiyo 何恋慈、韩晓嗳、3P组合(Danny和Kevin)、碰碰姐弟、Huan、Akiyo、以及全民星级班的Jordan 林汶塬、Jaydan 彭俊鸿、Kryston 温杨、Adele 吴晨希、Cherry 曾家谊和Quinna 韩语芯;还有 Astro御用王牌新春歌曲制作人邓智彰老师。

更多有关 #MOOMOODA2021 的资讯,请浏览。

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