Action, suspense and romance film ‘Athigaari’ premieres this Deepavali

Action, suspense and romance film ‘Athigaari’ premieres this Deepavali

Inspired by true events

Local films have recently grown in home ‘box office’ collections during this new normal, testifying to the demand for high-quality, fresh entertainment. This Deepavali, Astro Shaw presents Athigaari, the first local Tamil film premiering direct to homes on Astro First (Ch 480)starting 11 November 2020.

Athigaari is a suspense thriller about the police investigation of a mystery killer. Throughout this 2 hour 9 minute film, audiences will be take on a thrilling ride of emotions with its action, suspense, comedy, romance and heart-warming scenes, intertwined with song and dance. Directed by award-winning director, Kabilan Plondran, from film ‘Jhangri’, who won the ‘Best Director’ award at the Tamil Kalainyar Award 2018, Athigaari has received enthusiastic support from fans since the recent release of the official teaser. 

The talented local cast featured in this film were mentored by acting coach, Fared Ayam (Mohd Fared Jamaluddin), a director and theatre actor who was also the acting coach in film, ‘Polis Evo 2’. Athigaari stars popular local actors including Bala Ganapathi William, Karnan Kanapathy, Nanthini Ganasen, Sasikumar Kandasamy, Sri Kumaran Munusamy, Thilaag Nair, Akshara Nair, Vishalini Siva, Kuben Mahadevan, Pramilla, Saha, Havoc Jega and Khirthy. 

Nanthini Ganasen, Producer, Athigaari, said, “This film was initially scheduled for cinema release in March, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re excited that audiences can now enjoy the Athigaari film, especially on Deepavali.  This film is sure to appeal to all Malaysians across ages and races. One of the unique aspects of this film is that the main character communicates using sign language. We hope this film which is actually inspired by actual events, makes Deepavali celebrations more exciting and receives support from audiences, which will continue encouraging the production of more local Tamil films."

Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Astro Shaw & Nusantara said, “In our efforts to support local production teams and their films during this new normal, Astro Shaw remains open to working together for Malaysian films of various languages. In conjunction with the upcoming Deepavali celebrations, Astro Shaw is excited to present the first local Tamil film premiering on Astro First. While Tamil films have their own fan base, high-quality productions regardless of language will appeal to audiences across cultures and languages. With its gripping storyline and perfect combination of emotive elements, Athigaari has the potential similar to other high-quality local productions. We hope through this debut on Astro First, it expands the reach of local Tamil films and continues developing the local film industry.” 

Athigaari tells the story of a police officer who takes over the cases of a murdered officer, suspecting that the killer is related to one of the cases. With the help of the victim’s daughter, who is traumatized and unable to talk after witnessing the murder, the officer tracks down the killer who has a rare disease and bigger plan to execute.

Catch Athigaari on Astro First (Ch 480) or stream on Astro GO and On Demand for an unlimited number of times over 48 hours, for RM15. For more updates on Athigaari follow Astro Shaw’s social media pages.