The Astro Management Associate Programme (AstroMAP)

Leaders of Steel!

The Astro Management Associate Programme (AstroMAP)

The Astro Management Associate Programme (AstroMAP) is designed to groom high-achieving recent graduates to join the ranks of our senior management in the future.

This 2-year programme has been carefully crafted to keep you ahead of the pack. Experience exciting job rotations and join networking sessions with industry high-flyers. Gain exposure to project management and seek the seasoned advice of a personal mentor. We’ve got everything you need to build a solid foundation for a future in leadership. And after you complete your programme, you’ll be given the opportunity to chart your own path in the company.

Choose from 2 options:

Astro MAP Background
  • Management Stream
  • Finance Specialist
Management Stream Timeline

An Unparalleled Introduction to the Media & Broadcast Industry

The Management Stream offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Astro’s key areas of business through well-rounded and accelerated job rotations. You will be exposed to up to 7 rotations encompassing Customer, Content Group, Finance, Strategy, Products & Technology and an elective of your choice.

Teach for Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia

Challenge yourself to give back to the community and discover meaningful personal growth. One of your rotations on the AstroMAP Management Stream will be a 3-month attachment as a teaching assistant in a government school. This rotation is offered in collaboration with Teach For Malaysia, and is the first of its kind in the country.

Finance Specialist Timeline

Propel Your Career in Finance to New Heights

Dedicated to applicants with a flair for figures, the AstroMAP for Finance Specialist gives you hands-on exposure to the different functions within Astro’s Finance division.

Professional Certification

Professional Certification Sponsorship

While you develop highly specialised skills within the organisation, Astro will also invest in your long-term career growth. Gain recognition for your expertise with sponsorship for a professional certification. And don’t worry - we’ve got your study breaks covered too.

Hear from our Management Associates


I can only say that my experience with Astro has been nothing short of gratifying. Being the finance nerd that I am, it was only natural for me to be stationed in the Finance version of the MAP. My first two rotations have been a whirlwind of emotions - my short stint at Risk Management gave me the opportunity to apply the theories I’ve learnt in my Masters programme, one that I unabashedly reveled in. Risk Management was something that I was interested in from my university days. I was extremely lucky to have had a team who not only valued my academic points of view, but was always receptive towards coaching me. It was also during that six-month rotation that I learnt the extent of my coffee-chugging prowess.

Joey Woo
Astro Management Associate, Finance (2016)


My journey at Astro so far can be described as an intense roller-coaster ride. As a Management Associate, I am rotated to different divisions in the company, exposing me to different areas of the business. Thus, giving me a comprehensive insight to how the entire company operates. Since becoming an Astrolite, I have been involved with large projects from managing my very own music video, going on international business trips, to closing deals with CEOs of other companies. That’s not all, I even get to casually rub shoulders with celebrities such as the legendary M. Nasir in the cafeteria! If this is any indication of what the coming years will be like, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Mohammed Iman Karim
Astro Management Associate, Management (2016)


Being an Astro scholar for overseas undergraduate studies, I was assisting the Astro booth when I learned about the Management Associate Programme (MAP). As someone who has always been enamoured by entrepreneurship, I figured that the MAP would suit me well, given that I needed practical exposure and honing of skills in multiple aspects ranging from financial planning, business development to marketing.

Lee Yong En
Astro Management Associate, Management (2016)


I stumbled upon the Astro Management Associate Programme (MAP) during a career fair in London. Having had a passion for media – I was interested to see what I could learn from working in one of the dominant media companies present in Malaysia. The most honest answer I can give is that I was excited to see what sort of new experiences I could get from this job, and what sort of lessons those experiences would give me.

Kashif Bin Khairul Anuar
Astro Management Associate, Management (2017)


The AstroMAP Programme has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone through continuous first-hand exposure to steep learning curves. It has enabled me to have a strong grasp of the business processes across different divisions within the company. As daunting as it may be to deep-dive into an unfamiliar industry, I’m thankful to have a great support system of managers and colleagues who are always willing to offer guidance and who are interested in maximising my potential throughout the duration of this two-year programme. From brainstorming marketing initiatives to handling contracts, I’ve had the opportunity to sharpen my skills, gain insightful knowledge, and to gauge which areas of the business that interest me the most.

Rachelle Chee
Astro Management Associate, Management (2017)

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