Astro Internship Programme

A short-term internship for long-term insight

Astro Internship Programme is a structured and robust programme for undergraduate students currently pursuing their first degree / diploma in institutions of higher learning. Experience hands-on training in the media and broadcast industry and benefit from a range of classroom-style training sessions.

Throughout your internship, opportunities for development through classroom style training programmes are also offered.

At the end of your time at Astro, you’ll have gained exposure to working life at Malaysia’s leading media company, experience and knowledge related to your field of study and a coveted addition to your resume.

On top of that, high-performing candidates will potentially be offered employment upon the completion of their studies.

What our Interns say...

Aldgra Fredly

My internship experience was amazing! I get to venture a new path of career in Astro Youth Outreach where I learnt to build more connections and refine my communication skills. I find it challenging yet exciting because the team are always fun to work with and ready to guide me, and I had the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment which gave me a grounded experience of an actual working life. I would advise the students to always be eager in taking advantage of any opportunity that comes even if it is beyond their major area of study, like the Astro’s core value said, Go Beyond!

Aldgra Fredly
Youth Outreach, Human Capital Intern

Amam Mustofa

Astro internship programme taught me how to be proactive in a professional environment and to be concern about the completion of the tasks given (result-driven). It also enable me to grow and learn in the particular skills that we like which is very beneficial in the professional career. I would advise the new intern to always keep up with the supervisor, don't be afraid to ask, and be proactive. In addition don't forget to always have fun and enjoy the time in Astro. Last but not least is to deliver your project and task well.

Amam Mustofa
Product and Technology Intern

Muhammad Taufiq

Astro is no ordinary workplace, it is a lively space with so many things going on all the time and you are always welcome to participate, contribute and add value. With the right attitude and determination, there are so many things you can experience even beyond your major area of study. The environment is so conducive that you hardly pass by the floor without yourself being reminded on Astro's core value, 'Go Beyond'. After going through the internship, I found myself developed so much both in terms of knowledge and professionalism. If you are looking for a traditional workplace, Astro is definitely not the place for you. Here at Astro everyday is a new experience! Who would expect work to be so exciting?

Muhammad Taufiq
Legal Division Intern

Nisa Nur Azmina

I would say “every starts will never be easy” and as a new comer to the industry we should always ask “how far I am willing to take the challenge and fight for what it worth.” My first few weeks in ASTRO is a real struggle, to make a friend and suit myself in the department. I remembered I went to HR and asked to resign. However, as the time goes by and today I would say that “It will be one of my biggest mistake if I resigned that day.” I came to here to learn and I get that. I would want to have the overview of business of operation, today I realized everything is moving fast where you have to always set your engine ready. If you is a kind of person who would like to take up a challenge and wish to have in-depth look of business, ASTRO is one kind of place you want to come. Thank you for this one-time opportunity and it is indeed a great experience for me and I made best friends here!

Nisa Nur Azmina
Account Receivables, Finance Intern


My 3-month internship experience at Astro is an amazing one. I am having a fun-filled journey throughout the internship period. Astro provides a very lively working environment for the employees and there are various opportunities for me to learn about Astro's culture and business operations. Attached to Astro's Radio department, I have gained much new knowledge about the internal processes for radio broadcasting beyond a mere listener's perspective. Every day, I am presented with new tasks which challenge me to accomplish it and keeps me interested in my work. The people here are very friendly and supportive which makes it easier for me to approach them for help at any time. I would encourage the incoming interns to have interactions with people even apart from your department that could help you broaden your knowledge and enhance your professional growth. Enjoy while you can!

Astro Radio Intern

Lim Yiyan

I came in here with zero to no coding and query language experience. Although it was a steep learning curve for me, my seniors here were really patient and helpful answering all the questions that I have, and I guess that's what makes my time here at Astro so enjoyable. The tasks provided were not a sample question taken out of a textbook but I was dealing with data from the real world. It was definitely eye opening to see the data-driven side of Astro. To all future interns, keep an open mind and you will make the most out of your time here!"

Lim Yiyan
Technology Intern

The Selection Process

  • STEP 1

    Apply online through Astro Careers Page

  • STEP 2

    Phone/ Face-to-face interview by Human Capital and respective hiring manager

  • STEP 3

    Successful candidate will be notified via email

  • STEP 4

    Provide supporting documents to confirm Internship placement

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