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*You might face some limitations in the product as it is a pre-release version.
To know more in detail, please read through our FAQ.

Beta v1.1 New Interface

Beta v1.1 Release is an enhanced interface that allows you to access your entertainment easily on all devices. Sign Up to Beta Programme to test out the Beta v1.1 Release and its subsequent releases.

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Here are some of the features that you'll be testing out:

Discover More Entertainment

The new interface will provide you an easier-access to all your favourite entertainment. You can now stream to binge watch your favourite boxsets or even Catch Up on the latest shows and movies.

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Experience Recommendations That You'll Enjoy

The upgraded interface will recommend entertainment for you and your family based on your viewing experience, allowing you to discover new shows and programmes.

*Please note that there are limitations to this features during beta testing period.

One Interface Across All Devices

A familiar look and feel across your TV, tablet and mobile. It lets you watch your favourite entertainment programmes without the need for you to change your viewing habit based on the devices.

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*Additional Beta app download is required for mobile and tablet devices.

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Get Access to Super Pack Plus 4

By enrolling in our Beta Programme to test out our Beta v1.1 Release, you can get access to Super Pack Plus 4, the most comprehensive all-in-one entertainment pack, at no additional cost on your existing subscription.

Super Pack Plus 4 will be made available for beta testers to enjoy until 30th June 2019.

To join the Beta programme, you must have:

PVR decoder

A Wi-Fi Enabled PVR.

Connection Box

A Minimum of 10 Mbps
internet connection to your PVR.

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