*Box swap is required as such you are unable to retrieve any
recordings in your current box.

Beta v1.2
Astro Cloud Recording &
4K UHD Box

Never worry about running out of storage again, with Astro Cloud Recording you can record multiple shows simultaneously.

Sign Up to unlock Astro Cloud Recording and the immersive 4K UHD channel with our new 4K UHD box.

Be the first to own a 4K UHD box and enjoy 1 year worth of 1,500 hours Astro Cloud Recording storage (upon launch), at no additional cost!

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Here are some of the features that you'll be testing out:

Worry-free Viewing

Record, Store and Restart.
  • Record unlimited shows simultaneously
  • Store and access your recordings at any time
  • Walk in half way through a show? No problem, just Restart from the beginning
*You will be given a minimum cloud storage of 200 hours of HD recording
during beta period. Astro Cloud Recording is currently only accessible via the 4K UHD box.

The New Stunning View

  • 4x more stunning & clearer view than HD
  • Smoother viewing experience with higher frame rate
  • Mesmerizing and richer colour spectrum
*4K UHD channel will not be available for recording

One Interface Across All Devices

A familiar look and feel across your TV, tablet and mobile. It lets you watch your favourite entertainment
programmes without the need for you to change your viewing habit based on the devices.

Smooth tv
enjoy pic

Get Access to 1,500 hours of Astro Cloud Recording storage

By enrolling in our Beta Programme to test out our Beta v1.2, you can enjoy:
  • Enjoy 1,500 hours of HD recording for 1 year upon launch
  • The new 4K UHD box is all yours at no additional cost.

To join the Beta programme v1.2 release, you must have:

PVR decoder

A 4K UHD supported TV

Find out more here
Connection Box

A minimum of 10Mbps internet
connection to the 4K UHD box

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