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Astro Circle brings you an array of benefit and rewards, as a thank you. As an Astro customer you can enjoy access to unique rewards, exclusive events and custom privileges. Check out our latest ones here every week!

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    Astro Circle Peraduan Harta Karun Mustika 2017

    Anda berpeluang memenangi hadiah-hadiah yang menggegarkan dunia anda! Hanya jawab satu soalan mudah dan jawapan ke-500 yang betul berpeluang memenangi hadiah mingguan yang menarik!

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    AF AB Weekly Titles

    AF AB Weekly Titles

    Another week, another selection of great titles! Now you can redeem them using your Astro Circle Points!

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    BloomThis Promotion

    BloomThis Promotion

    Enjoy 10% off BloomThis Mother's Day collection. Get the promo code now. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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    Astro Circle - AME 2017 Winners Announcement

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    Astro Circle - ZOOTOPIA: Watch & Win contest Winners Announcement

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