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Latest TV Series Same Day as the US

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  • FX - Baskets S3

    FX - Baskets S3

    Premiere 24 Jan, 11pm Available with Family HD
  • Foxlife - Grammy awards

    Foxlife - Grammy awards

    LIVE on 29 Jan, 8:30am Available with Variety Pack
  • WTV - Young Sheldon

    WTV - Young Sheldon

    Premiere after TBBT 11 Available with Variety + HD
  • WTV - Lethal Weapon S2

    WTV - Lethal Weapon S2

    Premiere episode Wed, 9:50pm Available with Variety + HD
  • HBO - Crashing S2

    HBO - Crashing S2

    Premiere Jan 15,11:30pm Available with Movies Pack
  • HBO - Mosaic

    HBO - Mosaic

    Premiere 23 Jan, 9am Available with Movies Pack
  • FX - American Crime Story

    FX - American Crime Story

    Premiere Thurs, 11pm Available with Family HD
  • AXN - The Amazing Race S30

    AXN - The Amazing Race S30

    Premiere episode, Thurs 8.05pm Available with Family Pack
  • FOX - XFiles

    FOX - XFiles

    Premiere episode, Thurs 10pm Available with Family HD
  • DIVA - Suits S7 Returns

    DIVA - Suits S7 Returns

    Premiere 25 Jan,2pm Available with Family Pack
  • HBO - Divorce S2

    HBO - Divorce S2

    Premiere 15 Jan, 11am Available with Movies Pack
  • Foxlife - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3

    Foxlife - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3

    Premiere episode, Sa Available with Variety Pack
  • Foxlife - Scandal Returns

    Foxlife - Scandal Returns

    Returns 19th Jan, 9pm Available with Variety Pack
  • History - Vikings S5

    History - Vikings S5

    Premiere Episode, Thurs 9pm Available with Learning Pack
  • Foxlife - Harry

    Foxlife - Harry

    Premiere Tue - Sat, 4:15pm Available with Variety Pack
  • FOX - S.W.A.T

    FOX - S.W.A.T

    Premiere episode, Friday, 9pm Available with Family HD
  • FOX - TWD S8

    FOX - TWD S8

    Premiere episode, Mon 9pm Available with Family HD

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