Or alternatively,

submit your request for relocation here , by following the step by step guide.

On, click on ‘My Account’ and sign in using your Astro ID. If you do not have an Astro ID, follow the ‘Sign Up’ steps listed on the screen.
Once you are in My Account, click on My Support Tickets > Create Support Ticket
Under the category field for your Support Ticket, select 'Relocation', and fill in all your details. In your request, be sure to include: the address of your new home, the date you will be moving, and your preferred dates for dismantling and relocating your Astro set (see example). Click 'Submit Support Ticket' and confirm your submission.

That's it! An Astro representative will contact you within 48 hours to proceed with your free relocation service.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the home relocation service available nationwide?
Yes, Astro home relocation service is available to all active Astro subscribers anywhere within Malaysia*.
How far in advance do I need to inform Astro about my relocation?
Please give us advance notice of 3 to 7 days prior to your relocation. We will arrange for a technical specialist to dismantle the Astro satellite dish and decoder in your current home, and to reinstall the equipment at your new home at your preferred date and time.
Am I required to move my Astro satellite dish and decoder to my new home?
Yes, you are required to move the Astro satellite dish, decoder and remote control to your new home.
I'm moving to an apartment/condominium; do I need to obtain approval from the building management office prior to installation of my Astro equipment?
Yes, please ensure that you obtain the relevant authorisation from the building management. The building should have a master antenna that supports HD transmission in order to support the decoders. It is advisable to check with the building management whether balcony installation is allowed.
What is the decoder upgrade that you are offering under this Home Relocation Service?
If your current decoder is a non-Astro HD, you can upgrade it to either Astro HD decoder at RM 50, provided that you sign up for HD services at RM26.50/month (price is inclusive of GST), or an Astro PVR, provided that you sign up for recording services as well (RM10.60/month, price is inclusive of GST) . (Customer with monthly subscription over RM 100 can enjoy FREE PVR installation worth RM300 ) Alternatively, upgrade to Astro Super Pack and enjoy both HD and recording services at no costs.
What are B.yond decoders?
There are two (2) types of Astro decoders. They are Astro HD and Astro PVR. Astro HD has a high definition feature, that enables you to watch Astro's HD channels. The Astro PVR also has a high definition feature, on top of personal recording services and a built-in WiFi that allows you to download Video on Demand when the decoder is connected to your home internet connection. (Minimum recommended connection speed: 5Mbps)
What programmes can I record with the personal recording services?
You can record any of the programmes (sports, movies, dramas, documentaries, etc.) shown on Astro and watch them at your convenience.