Malaysian TV Premiere
Premiere Date: 13 June 2014 (Friday, 9pm)
Show Date: 13 June till 10 July 2014
Starring: Vidharth, Ishara Nair, Jagan, Jayashree & Jagadish
Director: Ram Laxman

Aravindh (Viddharth ) and his friend Baskar (Jegan) are painters. They paint boards for livelihood. Aravindh comes across Raji (Ishara) and they fall in love.

Meanwhile, there is a higher secondary school student Pooja (Jayashree Sivadas), daughter of a teacher Jothi (Rohini), who Aravind befriended. However, the girl also develops an infatuation towards Aravindh.

When Aravindh and his friend goes to Vizag for work, Pooja decides to elope from her house after an argument with her mom and decided to settle in Vizag with Aravindh. But there she falls in the hands of the anti-socials and her life gets spoiled. Now, the onus is on Aravindh and Raji to set out the mission to find her back. What happens next forms the climax.

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