Ner Ethir

Malaysian TV Premiere
Premiere Date: 23 May 2014 (Friday, 9pm)
Show Date: 23 May till 19 June 2014
Starring: Richard, Parthi, Aishwarya, Vidya, M.S. Baskar & Alwa Vasu
Director: Jaya Pradeep

Kathir (Parthy) and Isha (Aishwarya) are engaged to be married soon. However, Kathir finds himself in a discombobulated scenario when he finds his fiancée Isha (Vidhya) has stealthily booked a room in a hotel.

Actually, Isha has not quite chummed up to the idea of living just for Kathir. Isha has an affair with Kathir's best buddy, Karthik (Richard). She decides to call him one last time and to end it all. But the mess starts to unfold as Kathir discovers only at this juncture that he has been cheated. So, he stalks on Isha to find out who her secret man is.

Unbearable to the fact that his fiancée cheated on him, he seeks the help of his close friend Karthik, and brings him into the plan and lays down a plot for revenge.

Unexpectedly things turn out to be bizarre when Karthik finds that his girlfriend Nethra (Aishwarya) also gets to the same place. Stranded amidst this horrible situation, the characters are crisscrossed which forms the climax.

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Ner Ethir