Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane

Malaysian TV Premiere
Premiere Date: 16 May 2014 (Friday, 9pm)
Show Date: 16 May till 12 June 2014
Starring: Abi Saravanan, Prof Gnanasambandam, Kaali, Renuka, Gayathri, Deekshitha and Abirami
Director: S.S. Kumaran

Tamizh Mani leads a life like a Malayali. He only celebrates Onam and scoffs at Pongal, buys only Malayalam dailies although he does not know to read the language. He only watches Malayalam programs and also speaks in Malayalam. His house is filled with photos of Malayalam heroes.

His obsession reaches a crescendo when he extracts a promise from his son that he would only find a life partner from Kerala. To succeed in his mission, he sends his son to Kerala.

Did his son find a Kerala mate? What happens when he reaches there? Did the dad’s wish come true?

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Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane