Malaysian TV Premiere
Premiere Date: 30 May 2014 (Friday, 9pm)
Show Date: 30 May till 26 June 2014
Starring: Sasikumar, Lavanya Tripathi, Naveen Chandra, Santhanam, Soori and Jayaprakash
Director: Socrates

Shiva (Sasikumar) and Kumar (Naveen Chandra) are inseparable childhood friends. Crazy about cinema, the two steal film reels from the local theatre to make their own childish bioscope. Together they dream of making films to screen at the local theatre in their village. However, fed up with their antics, Kumar’s parents decide to leave the village hoping to break Shiva’s influence on their son.

25 years later, Shiva and his friend (Santhanam) take a lease on the old theatre. Their desperate attempts to release new films in the theatre always fail, and they incur heavy losses. Shiva is unable to maintain the theatre and the dues pile up, and eventually the government issues a notice threatening to seal the place in three month time. He requires Rs 5 lakhs to get out of this mess. Since he is already in debt, no one in the village is willing to lend him any more money.

Meanwhile, after leaving the village, Kumar has become a very rich and successful Telugu film director. Shiva has been keeping track of his friend’s journey to success. He feels just like him, his friend Kumar too will be interested in protecting the legacy of the old theatre, where they spent countless moments together as children.

Will they manage and succeed in saving their beloved theatre or will it be like countless other landmarks which have been destroyed to make way to a shopping complex forms the rest of the story.

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