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  • Learning is fun.

    Learning is fun.

    With Pinkfong and friends, learning is entertaining with non-stop singing and discovery of new things! Now with new and exclusive songs! Enjoy a 5-day viewing period.
    To purchase, go to CH481.


  • It’s game on!

    It’s game on!

    Go on the Jumanji adventure with Robin Williams and Dwayne Johnson, in this 2-movie collection filled with wild twists and turns.

    To purchase, go to CH481.

  • The Force Is Strong.

    The Force Is Strong.

    Space out with the latest additions from the Star Wars saga. This two-movie bundle will surely bring out the force in you.


    To purchase, go to CH481.

  • Bollywood Binge.

    Bollywood Binge.

    Enjoy the best of Bollywood with this entertaining collection that promises hours of unbridled joy. 
    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Bale Bale Bollywood.

    Bale Bale Bollywood.

    Get set for drama, action, song and dance with this hot Hindi collection.

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Eastern Enjoyment.

    Eastern Enjoyment.

    Be entertained by a hit movie collection made up of engrossing Japanese and Korean dramatic tales.

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Hello Horror.

    Hello Horror.

    Have a thing for horror, then get scarily happy with this terrifying collection.

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Screamfest


    Get set to give your goose bumps a hair-raising experience with this one-helluva collection.

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Terrifically Tamil.

    Terrifically Tamil.

    Get ready to entertained by the best of South Indian cinema with this hit-filled collection. 

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Life Tales

    Life Tales

    Enjoy a movie collection that will feed your love for great movies, filled with drama and humour.

    Tune to Ch. 200 to subscribe.

  • Get NJOI. Go Games.

    Get NJOI. Go Games.

    Purchase NJOI today and watch the Commonwealth Games 2018 for free.
    Offer ends 31 March 2018.

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