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This is it. The Astro Movies Pack

Watch the hottest Hollywood movies in the comfort of your own home with Astro Movies pack!

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Astro On The Go FOX HD


Season 2 / FOX HD (Ch.724)

Premieres January 20, 2016, Wed @ 9.00pm

Marvel's Agent Carter," starring "Captain America's" Hayley Atwell, follows the story of Peggy Carter. It's 1946, and peace has dealt Peggy Carter a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy must balance doing administrative work and going on secret missions for Howard Stark all while trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life - Steve Rogers.

Inspired by the feature films "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," along with the short "Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter.


Sat 12, Nov 2016 12:21 AM FX HD remote record
Sat 12, Nov 2016 9:20 AM FX HD remote record
Sun 13, Nov 2016 10:32 AM FX HD remote record
Sun 13, Nov 2016 6:00 PM FX HD remote record