Astro B.yond Launches New Personal Video Recorder

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 June 2010 - Astro, Malaysia's leading Pay-TV broadcaster today launched a new and innovative recording service, available through the Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and an external hard disk drive, setting yet another new benchmark in Malaysia's broadcast industry.

Dato' Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro said, "The launch of the Astro B.yond next generation box last year, marked our global best in class innovation in our content, technology and customer experience. Through Astro B.yond, we have brought the first High Definition (HD) broadcast into Malaysian homes and in our continuous efforts to be at the forefront of innovation, we are proud to introduce the next phase in our Astro B.yond roadmap, the video recording function which is available through the Astro B.yond PVR."

"With the Astro B.yond PVR, our customers can now enjoy the incredible convenience of watching what they want and when they want.  We believe that the flexibility, freedom and convenience that comes with the PVR technology will further boost our value-add proposition for our customers as they will be able to derive more value from their Astro like never before."

With this latest recording service from Astro B.yond, consumers will be able to enjoy more convenience and value in their television viewing experience as they are able to record, rewind, pause and play their favourite programmes and never miss a single moment on television.

The Astro B.yond PVR incorporates the best-in-class recording technology which allows customers to record up to two live programmes at one time, rewind and pause live TV thus giving customers the ultimate control over their television viewing. Customers also have the choice to enjoy the recording service via an Astro B.yond compatible external hard disk drive, which can be purchased from any IT retail stores, ''plug and play'' with the Astro B.yond box and activate the recording service by calling Astro Customer Service at 03 - 9543 3838. The external PVR allows one channel to be recorded.

"The Astro B.yond PVR gives customers the ease of mind, convenience and the freedom of being able to walk away at crucial television moment because they know they can always rely on Astro B.yond PVR to catch what they've missed. Apart from recording your favourite sports programme which happens to clash with your wife's soap opera, the PVR allows you to instantly pause a Live TV programme while attending to other matters, and resume watching the programme where you left it as soon as you press the play button. This feature also enables customers to rewind Live TV and enjoy unprecedented instant replays of missed action in normal speed, fast forward speed, or in slow-motion. We are confident that the Astro B.yond PVR will redefine the television viewing experience and will be the number one choice in Malaysian households," said Henry Tan, Astro's Chief Operating Officer.

Astro B.yond PVR is a new HD-enabled box. The entire installation includes 1 unit of Astro B.yond PVR, 1 unit of Outdoor unit (ODU), 1 smartcard, 1 remote control unit, 1 HDMI cable, installation cable and one-time installation and set-up charge of RM400 or RM300 in return for the customers' existing Astro box. The monthly recording fee for the Astro B.yond PVR is at RM10 while the external hard disk drive is RM5.

More Content Choices
3 new HD channels - AXN HD (CH 721), Astro Zhi Zun HD (CH3 310), a Chinese general entertainment HD channel and FX HD (CH 726) will join Astro B.yond's HD line up, bringing the total number of HD channels on Astro B.yond to 8. In addition, Fox will make its debut on Astro''s Variety Pack in standard definition. All the new channels will be on air on the 16 June 2010. Please refer to HD backgrounder for Programme Highlights of the new channels.

Dato' Rohana said, "This is an exciting year for Astro as we continue to provide the best in content and technology to our customers. With the introduction of the new PVR service and more new HD channels, customers can look forward to more interactivity and innovation that will enhance their viewing experience."

For more information on Astro B.yond PVR, customers can call 03 - 9543 3838 or visit