Astro On-The-Go service is now available to all Malaysians, at home and worldwide

Astro On-The-Go service is now available to all Malaysians, at home and worldwide

3 March 2013, Melbourne, Australia – Imagine if you are a Malaysian travelling or residing abroad, where you can still keep up with your favourite local drama or movie or follow live breaking news from home or watch live local sports, anytime, anywhere. With Astro On-The-Go (AOTG), all this will be available soon as you can now stay connected to home via local movies, live local sports or latest news on the Astro platform.

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro) today made a major announcement in its business strategy, in conjunction with the launch of its Astro On-The-Go service for Malaysians anywhere in the world to enjoy the best of Malaysian content, live sports and breaking news. Astro launched the service in Melbourne, a heartland of Malaysians living abroad with almost 150,000 Malaysians residing in Australia.

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro said, “Today marks a historic milestone for Astro and Malaysia. We have taken a giant leap forward in making our Malaysian content available to Malaysians living abroad, and have taken our first step to becoming a global brand. Leveraging on our unique position, to provide the best content across all platforms, making Malaysian culture, music and content internationally accessible, not just in Australia, but also the UK, USA and wherever Malaysians go in the world through Astro On-The-Go.

Astro On-The-Go is a versatile and innovative service that enables all Malaysians in Malaysia and worldwide to enjoy a seamless and personalized viewing experience and access the best of Astro TV, Radio and Video-On-Demand across multiple devices be it on smartphones, tablets or laptops anytime, anywhere.”

With immediate effect, Malaysians travelling and living abroad can register for the service now and enjoy a free preview of Astro Awani, Malaysia's first 24-hour news and information channel as well as selected live sports events on Astro Arena, Malaysia’s first and only channel dedicated to local sports. Malaysians residing abroad will be able to follow live breaking news including a special coverage on the upcoming Malaysian General Elections, 24x7coverage on local happenings and in-depth analysis in both English and Malay on Astro Awani as well as cheer on their favorite teams via live local sporting events on Astro Arena. 

Phase 2 of the Astro On-The-Go service will see more Malaysian content like Maharaja Lawak, Adam Dan Hawa, Hua Hee Makan and Oh My English! on the linear channels as well as popular Astro First movies like Juvana, Husin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit and Awan Dania, while phase 3 will see an introduction of our Video On Demand offering between 1,000 to 1,500 titles. The commercial roll out of the full AOTG Worldwide service will be available in the second quarter of the year, where Astro will showcase linear TV and music channels, live events including sports, video on demand and catch up programmes.

As Malaysia’s leading aggregator, distributor and producer of content, Astro is in the position to deliver quality Malaysian content beyond Malaysia to Asia and the world over. AOTG helps to widen Astro’s footprint beyond the traditional customer base as well as to unlock our potential as an integrated consumer media group, addressing both the households and the individuals within the households. AOTG is a truly revolutionary way Malaysians can enjoy the best of Astro content at every touch point, wherever they are.

Astro first offered the AOTG service to its Malaysian customers in May 2012, and the reception has been tremendous with over 500,000 views and 400,000 app downloads within a short span of time, proving that AOTG clearly resonates with our audience nationwide; a testament of Astro’s leadership in providing the best in entertainment, education and information.

In Malaysia, existing Astro customers can subscribe to the AOTG service and enjoy up to 21 linear channels, live sports events, catch up content and VOD for only RM25/month. 

AOTG is also available to all Malaysians including non-Astro customers in Malaysia too, a new segment of customers altogether who are now empowered to view Astro content as and when they wish. Non Astro customers can choose to subscribe to either Pack 1 or Pack 2 both comprising 4 channels each at RM30/pack per month or RM5/pack per day or they can also choose to subscribe to single channels within each pack including Vaanavil from RM10 to RM15/channel per month. Pack 1 comprises mostly Malay language channels like Warna, Bella, Oasis and Ria Plus while Pack 2 consists of Hua Hee Dai, AEC, Xiao Tai Yang and Shuang Xing channels. In addition to the packs, non Astro customers will also be able to access selected TV programmes, 9 Radio channels, Arena and Awani for free and also have the option to buy the latest movies from Astro First and Astro Best between RM10 to RM15 per title.  A slew of additional content is planned to be made available on the AOTG service in the near future.

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