Astro Launches Prabayar NJOI, Malaysia’s First Satellite TV Prepaid Service

Astro Launches Prabayar NJOI, Malaysia’s First Satellite TV Prepaid Service
Available to all NJOI customers nationwide

Kuala Lumpur, 19 July 2012 – Astro today announced the launch of Prabayar NJOI, Malaysia’s first satellite television prepaid service. A pay-as-you watch service, Prabayar NJOI is now available to all NJOI customers to access premium content on additional channels, on top of the existing 18 TV and 19 radio channels in accordance with their viewing and budget needs.

Initially, Prabayar NJOI is available via three prepaid packages - Mustika (Astro Citra, Astro Warna, Astro Bella), Indo Pek (Bintang and Pelangi) and Chinese Movies and Dramas (Celestial Movies, TVB Xing He, Astro Shuang Xing). More packages will be introduced in stages to meet the viewing and budget needs of the NJOI customers.

Each Prabayar NJOI package is available via a RM20 prepaid voucher that can be purchased with no recurring subscription fees or contractual obligations from NJOI appointed retailers. Upon purchase and activation, NJOI customers will enjoy a 15 day viewing access to the relevant prepaid package.  Our prepaid offer makes it now affordable for non Astro viewers to now access compelling and premium general entertainment & movies content as they pay as low as RM1.33 per day.

Liew Swee Lin, Chief Commercial Officer at Astro said, “We aspire to provide our customers with a holistic value proposition which fits the individual lifestyle of choice, preferences and budget of the customer. We  are committed to provide access to the best of entertainment, education and information to the community, and have therefore launched NJOI’s CSR programme in December 2011 to bridge the digital divide among Malaysians and in February 2012 we commenced with making NJOI commercially available for customers who don’t want to commit to recurring subscriptions. Prabayar NJOI today represents yet another innovative first of its kind Astro service, which employs a new content delivery model to expand our addressable market especially among the rural and lower income groups. Prabayar NJOI will be introduced in several phases - wherein the first phase, event based vouchers are made available. In future, more elaborate prepaid features will be introduced in several phases such as the introduction of e-wallet top up services and more varied premium content delivered via multiple platforms.

Astro also announced a collaboration with Malaysian Building Society Berhad (MBSB) whereby the first 4,000 disbursed MBSB Personal Financing – I applicants will receive the NJOI service for free. This is part of a three month campaign whereby subsequently, all disbursed MBSB Personal Financing - I will be offered the NJOI service as part of their financing package subject to terms and conditions. Mr Tang Yow Sai, Chief Financial Officer at MBSB said, “Leveraging on the strength of both parties, this represents another unique collaboration to offer the customers of both Astro and MBSB with differentiated value-added services.”

NJOI enables all Malaysians to access enriching content – the best of information, entertainment, sports and lifelong learning – in line with Malaysia’s push for a knowledge-driven nation. Astro’s continuing investment in talent, creative development and technology underlines its commitment to provide compelling content for all Malaysians, offering customers the flexibility to choose in accordance to their individual needs, preferences and budget. For more details on the Prabayar NJOI service, please go to <>  or visit the nearest NJOI retailer.