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Astro Radio Presents the Weekend Showcase

Astro Radio Presents the Weekend Showcase

Leading radio brands – ERA and MY, are taking the weekends up a notch as their on-ground activation teams receive a fresh twist after a 15-year run. Known as PENTAS ERA and MY Showtime, the all-new weekend showcase is equipped with virtual reality (VR) booths, games with exciting prizes and product sampling. Managed by a group of young cruisers aptly named the street team, fans can expect special appearances by popular social influencers such as Sterk Production, Kyo Propaganda, Lovell Tan along with radio announcers, budding artists, and even virally famous individuals such as Fify Khalie, Jaasuzuran and Yangbaobei.

On-ground activation has over the years become increasingly popular as a go-to solution, as ultimately, the key to successful campaigns is the engagement with the mass public. With the weekend showcase kickoff on the 9th and 16th March for ERA and MY respectively, this activation might just be the answer to marketers’ branding or promotion campaigns. The activity-filled ground engagement takes place over the course of 3 days; Friday till Sunday. Clients can choose to sponsor the team, sampling exercise or even invite the street team to hype up their event.

The weekend showcase targets young adults between the age of 18 – 29.

A shout out from the ERA & MY street team: -

Being able to provide a highly engaging and interactive platform for marketers’ branding is truly a breath of fresh air.  Live talk shows, equipped with games and opportunities to win free prizes or sampling from us, it doesn’t get any better than this!”Laura, PENTAS ERA Street Team

“Gone are the days when sampling and engagement is done out of the back of a car. The team now brings activation to a whole new level combining stage, sampling, gaming and guest appearances on a much larger and louder scale!” – Sandra, MY Showtime Street Team