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Zero Four dance crew defends Taiwan’s glory in Asian Battleground 2017!

Zero Four dance crew defends Taiwan’s glory in Asian Battleground 2017!
Zero Four dance crew defends Taiwan’s glory in Asian Battleground 2017!

Kuala Lumpur, 5 December 2017 – It was a night filled with excitement and jaw-dropping moves with 12 of Asia’s best street dancers came together in Malaysia for a series of epic dance-off in the finale of Asian Battleground 2017, with Taiwan’s Zero Four taking home the trophy as the Overall Champion and a whopping RM80,000 cash prize at Stadium Juara Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

The competition kicked off with hosts, YouTube star Dennis Yin and social media sensation Jenn Chia introducing the teams to showcase their slickest choreography integrated with colourful cultural themes, all vying for the top 4 spots.

Nocturnal Dance Company (The Philippines) was the first team to qualify with 81.97 points, followed by The B.I.P’s (Korea) who earned the overall highest score of 84.14 from their unique storytelling of Empress Myeongseong. India’s Desi Hoppers’ mesmerizing performance also secured them a spot with 81.29 points, while Zero Four who scored 79.83 managed to snatch the very last spot with their high-flying breakdance moves.

The Battle Round is where Zero Four fought back and shined the brightest, beating crowd favorite - Desi Hoppers in their first-round clash with their synchronized B-boy power moves. On the other hand, Nocturnal beat The B.I.P’s to proceed to the Final Combat. Both Zero Four and Nocturnal gave the audience an explosive performance in their intense five round final battle, showing immense flair but the Taiwanese break dancers impressive moves proved to be too strong and lead them to success.

Zero Four hoisted the trophy and Taiwan’s flag up high in celebration of victory. One of the members said, “We’ve trained and fought hard for this day, finally we can return home proud being the first team and country to have successful defended the title! The 2016 winners, Formosa Crew set the standard for us to go for nothing less.”

He added that it was not an easy feat for Zero Four – originally a team of 8 members, they had only one week to rechoreograph everything following their team captain’s bad ligament injury and his absence from the competition. “We didn’t disappoint him (captain) and all our supporters back in Taiwan. We hope that this achievement will show the rest of the world what Taiwanese dancers are capable of.”

The B.I.P’s from Korea won the ‘Best Showcase’ award and RM30,000 cash prize for their stellar performance, landing the highest appraisal from judges to end the unforgettable night.

Other finalists were Elecoldxhot and Eagle Ace (Malaysia), ArtGee and Zeroback (Korea), Scrach Marcs (Singapore), Taiwan Waackers (Taiwan), Last Minutes Street Crew (Indonesia) and MBS (Japan).

The grand finals of Asian Battleground 2017 brought forward big names from the international dance scene, such as C. Hsiang, Taiwanese hip-hop choreographer; Firebac, popping maestro of Korea; Mari Koda, US-based Japanese choreographer who starred in the American movie series, Step Up; Keone & Mari, legendary dancing couple; Pacman, director and choreographer from the US, as well as Korean professional choreographer Coo Jerri.

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