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Rocketfuel Entertainment Sets to Ignite Influencer Marketing with its Digital Stardom

Rocketfuel Entertainment Sets to Ignite Influencer Marketing with its Digital Stardom

Rocketfuel Entertainment is set ignite the influencer marketing space with its star-studded line-up of talent, energised by its holistic approach to talent management and talent-driven digital content.

“Today the approach to influencer marketing is fragmented. Rocketfuel aims to inject a more cohesive and holistic approach that is missing in the marketplace; a laser-focused entertainment talent house that offers marketers the most influential brand ambassadors who have the widest reach on digital platforms and social media,” said Murali ‘Moots’ Marimuthu, Admiral of Rocketfuel at its launch today.

He further explained, “While celebrity endorsements sell like hot cakes and inspire consumer confidence, Rocketfuel aims to go deeper by striking meaningful collaboration with brands, aligning values and bridging gaps in communications through targeted messaging that inspires actions.”

To deliver on its differentiation, Rocketfuel has three distinct yet complementary divisions; Rocketfuel Talent, Rocketfuel Records and Rocketfuel Network.

Rocketfuel Talent, the talent management arm, is starting from a position of strength, and is already representing the most popular stars in Malaysia including Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani, Aaron Aziz and Hisyam Hamid, as well as over 100 talents across Astro’s TV and Radio. Its talent academy trains and develops the next big celebrities for stardom on the local and international stage.

Rocketfuel Records is already the leading independent music label in Malaysia, with famous artists like Hazama, Syamel, Hafiz Suip and Stacy under its belt. It has also signed regional talent, Chaleeda Gilbert, a Thai-British actress and singer turned YouTube singing sensation, whose first Thai single, Ready for Love, registered 2.2mn views since its released in August 2017.

Rocketfuel Network creates digital content in collaboration with content creators, as well as originating new IPs. Its whacky and funny puppet, Harry Kok Siew Yok, is making waves with over 1.2mn views on social media.

With the three divisions under one roof, Rocketfuel is able to strategise and execute influencer marketing campaigns for brands featuring the hottest talents in Malaysia and the region, as well as content IPs that generate social media buzz. Its services for brands include branded content, social media marketing, video production, endorsements, IP creations and talent management.

Rocketfuel’s talents and content IPs have a social media reach of over 36mn with influential personalities in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, automotive, parenting and many more.

For more information on Rocketfuel Entertainment, please visit its website or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.