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Astro Presents CNY Countdown Special on Chinese New Year’s Eve

Astro Presents CNY Countdown Special on Chinese New Year’s Eve
Astro and IJM Land will jointly usher in the Year of the Rooster with a special Chinese New Year countdown gala, showcasing glittering performances from Astro’s star-studded pool of talents on 27 January 2017 at Seremban 2 City Park. 

MY Astro Chinese New Year Countdown Gala 2017, running from 9pm till midnight, will be available LIVE on Astro on the Go (AOTG) and Astro AEC on NJOI and pay TV. It promises to be an evening of spectacular entertainment featuring over a hundred of Astro talents and announcers from MY FM and MELODY FM, namely Gan Jiang Han, Jack Lim, Jentzen Lim, Chen Keat Yoke, Vivienne Oon, Denise Tan, Wan Wai Fun, Catherine Ang, Lim Jian Wen, Choong Lai Chan; winners of Astro’s signature programmes such as Astro Star Quest, Classic Golden Melody, Battleground, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant and Call Me Handsome, among others. 

Wong Siah Ping, Vice President of Astro’s Chinese Customer Business said that Astro aspires to bring Chinese New Year celebrations to the people in a meaningful way, yet relevant to every family and individuals from all walks of life. “We are pleased to usher in the Year of the Rooster with ‘Ren Ren You Zhuan Ji’ celebration to bring wishes of good fortune and all things positive to everyone. It means ‘there are new opportunities at every turn’. When others are predicting doom and gloom, ‘Ren Ren You Zhuan Ji’ signals a revitalizing start to the year, and marks a positive turning point for everyone.”

This year’s countdown show will feature a humour-infused, live-action stage musical which hits the high and low notes of a village boy’s adventure in the big city. His challenging encounters in career, friendship and relationship make him believe that “there will always be a turning point if one never gives up”. As his journey unfolds, audiences can look forward to an array of performances such as singing, rapping, beatboxing, modern dancing, percussion and martial arts. A firework display will end the night with a bang.

MY Astro Chinese New Year Countdown Gala 2017 will also see a day of fun-filled activities at Seremban 2 City Park by IJM Land, one of the joint sponsors. On site, visitors will be entertained with Chinese riddles and interactive quizzes, stunning lighted structures and displays, and various food and beverages that will leave residents of Seremban 2 raving for more. 

Edward Chong Sin Kiat, Managing Director of IJM Land said, “Community-driven initiatives have always been at the heart of IJM Land’s celebrations. Over the years, we have organised many Chinese New Year celebration events for our Seremban 2 community, with the aim of forging meaningful relationships with our community. As such, when the opportunity arose for us to partner with Astro for MY Astro CNY Countdown Gala 2017, we felt honoured. This is our first partnership with Astro for the Countdown Gala 2017 and of course, we are excited with the opportunity to bring the celebration to greater heights as we usher in the Year of the Rooster.

“We are proud to be a part of the Seremban 2 community as it is something that we have continually worked for – to develop a close-knit family where relationships not only blossom but last as well. As a developer for the people, IJM Land has made it a priority to bring people together and to reinforce family and community bonds.  Our philosophy is that we don’t just build houses, we build homes. And with every brick we lay, we lay the foundations of a lasting relationship with our community based on trust and commitment. Therefore, organising a family-centric event on a grand scale like this for our supportive Seremban 2 community means a lot to us," he added. 

In addition, a myriad of joyful decorations ranging from a Cherry Blossom tree lighted with colourful LED lights to a brightly-lit Minangkabau house, an IJM Land Wonderland corner and many more dazzling displays will make for spectacular photo opportunities, and there will be walkabouts by the prosperous Gods of Wealth “Fuk Lok Sau” (Three Wise Men) with special giveaways to visitors. The first 800 visitors will also receive a festive gift at the redemption counter from 8pm onwards.

IJM Land and KFC are the joint sponsors of MY Astro Chinese New Year Countdown Gala 2017, while MY FM and MELODY FM are radio partners.

For more details on Astro’s CNY offerings, please visit

百星相遇,爆笑贺年!由Astro主办、IJM Land与KFC联合赞助,年度声势最浩大的贺岁歌舞钜献《MY Astro大世界人人有转机》将于1月27日,年除夕晚汇聚Astro群星,于芙蓉新城城市公园(S2 City Park),与全民热闹迎接鸿运鸡年!

《MY Astro大世界人人有转机》将从晚上9点至凌晨时分,透过Astro on the Go (AOTG)和Astro AEC现场直播,更会首次透过新加坡Singtel佳乐台同步直播,娱乐马新两地观众。当晚节目将汇聚Astro 旗下艺人、MY FM和MELODY FM的DJ超过百位艺人同台演出,包括“阿财”林健文、钟丽珍、颜江瀚、林德荣、Jentzen林震前、曾洁钰、Vivienne温慧茵、Denise陈楚寰、尹汇雰、Catherine凯心,以及一众Astro本地圈最具代表性的本地制作如《Astro新秀大赛》、《Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛》、《Astro舞极限》、《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选》、《孩子王》以及《叫我男神》等节目选手,联手炮制乡下男生勇闯大城市的励志故事。

Astro中文部总监王小萍表示,Astro希望能够给每个家庭、每位成员带来一个别具意义,且引起共鸣的新年庆祝活动。 “今年我们的主题为‘人人有转机’,是希望大家在迎接新一年之际,都有鸿运好福气,凡事皆有好转机。”



《MY Astro大世界人人有转机》演出当天,芙蓉新城(Seremban 2)发展商IJM Land将在S2 City Park傍晚时分,筹办一连串欢庆佳节活动,亲临现场的民众将可参与猜灯谜,欣赏并在“绚丽喜乐园”的美丽耀眼灯饰下拍照留念,享用各式美食和饮料,必定尽兴而归。

IJM Land董事经理张新杰说: “IJM Land向来都以社区为本作为出发点,历年来我们为芙蓉新城(Seremban 2)的居民举办过多次庆新年活动,目的在于促进社区联系。此次有机会与Astro合作,联合赞助《MY Astro大世界人人有转机》,我们感到非常荣幸,也期待这年度倒数活动,在这里进行得更有声色。” 

张新杰也表示,作为芙蓉新城社区的一分子,IJM Land注重家庭与社区的紧密联系,所创建的一砖一瓦,都以信任和承诺为基础,与当地居民维持长远关系。“因此,能为这里的居民带来如此盛大,且促进家庭亲子关系的活动,对我们来说意义非凡。”

此外,IJM Land也会在活动现场设置LED彩灯梅花树、怀旧米南加保造型屋等绚丽装饰,供民众拍照留念。当天也有“福禄寿”三星到场给民众送祝福;首800名到场的民众,还可在当晚8时开始到IJM Land柜台兑取新春礼物,先到先得。

《MY Astro大世界人人有转机》由Astro呈献、Astro本地圈制作、IJM Land和KFC联合赞助,MY FM和MELODY FM为合作伙伴。更多Astro新年节目和活动详情,请浏览。