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为马来西亚观众度身订造的一站式TVB娱乐配套。丰富多元的频道包括——TVB翡翠台、Asian Action Channel 、粤语片台、TVBS Asia、TVB经典台、TVB娱乐新闻台及TVB星河,精彩内容涵盖最新TVB剧集、综艺节目、华语动作剧集、香港经典电影等。

Jade Pack is a one-stop TVB entertainment pack created specially for Malaysians. It consists of various channels such as TVBJ, Asian Action Channel, Classic Movies, TVBS Asia, TVB Classic, TVBE and TVB Xing He, delivering the best content including the latest TVB dramas, variety shows, Chinese action dramas, Hong Kong classic movies and more.


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