Red Button
What is Red Button?
Ever noticed the red dot on your TV screen? Yes, it is the Red Button. Red Button is an interactive TV service that gives you complimentary information of a specific programme or channel. The Red Button logo is uniquely designed for different programmes and channels. This red button service is available on selected channels or programmes. Explore what’s on the available Red Button now!

What’s on?

How does it work?

Tune in to the channel with Red Button service. Press on the Red Button on your remote when you see the Red Button logo and start browsing through the rich content.


Q: I pressed Red Button on my remote but no extra information appears on the channel I am watching.

A: It may take a few seconds for the red button service to load. Try pressing again when you see the red button logo appear on your TV screen, usually on the top right or top left of your TV screen.
Q: The Red Button logo doesn’t appear on the channel I am watching.
A: The service may not be available on that channel. Please refer to What’s On to check the availability.
Q: I pressed the Red Button for more content but it leads me to a page asking for payment. Isn’t the service Free?
A: There is no extra charge for pressing the Red Button, however there may be information on how to upgrade your subscription or promotional messages; you may opt out by simply pressing the back button.
Q: How can I hide Red Button on my TV screen?
A: On B.yond decoder, you can press the “back” button on the remote control to hide the Red Button. On Lagacy/Pantalk decoder, you can press Yellow button or Green button on the remote control to hide the Red Button.