Malay Entertainment

Fear Factor Malaysia

Sabtu dan Ahad, 9.00pm

Fear Factor merupakan sebuah program realiti TV berkebolehan tinggi yang memaparkan aksi-aksi peserta mempertaruhkan kebimbangan primitif mereka demi memenangi sejumlah besar wang tunai.

Maklumat Lanjut

Skool of Lawak

Jumaat, 10.00 malam

Fear Factor merupakan sebuah program realiti TV pencarian bakat baru pelapis pelawak

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Kilauan Emas 4


Untuk Kilauan Emas 4 ini, terdapat satu program baru iaitu Nota Kilauan Emas dimana aktiviti dan proses pembelajaran seharian para peserta akan dirakamkan dan ditayangkan kepada penonton pada setiap hari Isnin dan Selasa.

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Chinese Entertainment

舞极限 2014 - 再战舞林

4 月 12 日首播, 周六 8pm




4月7日首播,周一至周五 7.55pm (Astro AEC,频道301)

Astro AEC301频道与全佳HD308频道播出的《新闻报报看》,原班人马再次出击,为您悉心打造全新的新闻简报节目《头条报报看》。从2014年4月7日起,周一至周五晚间黄金时段7时55分,每档5分钟,让大家在最快、最短的时间内,即时追踪国内外的焦点大小事件,速览各家晚报封面头条,让你在享用着晚饭的同时,也能轻松的掌握你关心的天下事


Missy 先生

3月31日首播,每周一至周五 4.30pm (Astro 双星,频道 324)
周末追剧马拉松时段 : 每逢星期日 7.30pm至 11.30pm (连播5集!)

主演 : 王沺裁、童冰玉、黄馨慧、曹国辉
40岁的杨浩天(王沺裁 饰)是一个善于社交的家庭护士。在他医疗队的协助下,他常常出诊患有痼疾的病人,医疗队有护士刘雪雯(黄馨慧 饰)和医生方依婷(童冰玉 饰)。然而,依婷认为要专注医疗事务,如果卷入患者家庭事务是不专业的。

Astro Ulagam


6:30pm every Friday

A village is ruled by a tyrannical woman and her sons. Not a single girl-child is left alive in the village. But her new daughter-in-law is an educated girl who is against female infanticide.

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Vaaname Ellai

10:00pm every Wednesday

Vaaname Ellai is specially designed for all age viewers to watch and absorb the best. It is brought to you by our very own Professor Dr. Kadeer Ibrahim, the well experienced master in the spiritual world, also the only Malaysian to hold Ph. D in Nutrition, Psychology and Para Psychology.

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Chennai Times

8.30pm every Weekdays

Get updated with the latest video clip which is ruling the Music Charts in Chennai.

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Catch the Indian Premier League cricket in all its batting glory on 2 Apr to 27 May 2013 live via channel ABO Sport 972 from as low as RM189.95. For more sports news, go to

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Don't miss the 29th edition of the WWE WrestleMania on 8th April 2013 live via channel ABO Sport 971 from as low as RM34.95. For more sports news, go to

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Chelsea vs Tottenham

The battle for 3rd spot heats up with Chelsea hosting Tottenham on 14 April 2013 and you can catch the action live via channel ABO Sport 971 from as low as RM12.00! For more sports news, go to

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International Entertainment

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

March 31, 2014 @ 6pm

It has emerged as one of the biggest events in Hollywood, boasting a massive popular vote and sweeping audience participation! The only award show that gives kids the power to vote for their favorites in movies, television, music, sports and much more – and honors their opinions with a live show filled with the stars they love.

E! News Asia Special – Lisa Surihani

Premieres March 30, 2014 @ 10pm

Lisa Surihani is to be the first Malaysian to be featured in her very own E! News Asia Special, on March 30 at 10 pm. E! will give fans a preview into the life of Malaysia’s sweetheart, as E! News Asia’s Marion Caunter gets to the core of Lisa Surihani’s story and takes her on a trip down memory lane on a “guerilla” date at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Manhunt With Joel Lambert

Premieres April 7, 2014 @ 9pm

Manhunt with Joel Lambert is a real-life game of cat-and-mouse, pitting ex-Navy SEAL Joel Lambert against the world's most elite tracking teams. In each episode, Joel faces a daunting task: after being inserted into unknown territory with nothing but a basic survival kit and a canteen of water, he then has up to 48 hours to reach a pre-determined extraction point, while being pursued by a different tracking unit each week.


Elly dan Epit

Saksikan Eli dan Epit hanya di Astro Ceria Saluran 611

Epit kini dalam dilema. Patutkah dia menyertai sekolah sukan dan majukan dirinya atau tinggal bersama Elly dan keluarganya?

Saksikan Episod Finale 23 Februari (Ahad) 11.00 pagi

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Geng Bas Sekolah Season 5

11am every Saturday & Sunday

Geng Bas Sekolah (GBS) is a group of kids that forge their friendship through their daily travels in the school bus. No matter what lies ahead, GBS always sticks together through every obstacle. GBS is not an ordinary group of kids; their strength lies in their unity, discipline, intelligence and determination.

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Sains Comot

1.15pm & 8.15pm on Weekdays
10.30am, 1.30pm & 8.30pm on Weekends

Ikutilah Profesor Comot semasa dia membuat eksperimen-eksperimen yang comot dan menyeronokkan yang boleh dibuat di sekolah atau di rumah. Setiap episod memaparkan profesor membuat sesuatu yang menyeronokkan dengan bahan yang mudah didapati. Kecomotan yang hebat adalah dijamin!

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Tutor TV

Channel 601, 602 and 603

To help UPSR, PMR, and SPM students to be better equipped for exams. The focus will be on exam-style questions which 100% follows the Malaysian school syllabus along with exam tips & other important highlights.

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Kampus Astro

Kampus Astro Bersama Komuniti Sekolah

We install the Kampus Astro learning system at primary and secondary public schools as well as Teacher Activity Centres across Malaysia to supplement teaching and learning in the classroom. The Kampus Astro learning system consists of a 32 inch LCD television set, an Astro satellite TV decoder and free access to educational TV programmes aired over 17 international and local channels. To date, the Kampus Astro learning system has been installed in 9,511 public schools and 380 Teacher Activity Centres across Malaysia thus beginning 5.3 million teachers and 400,000 students on interactive teaching and learning.

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Astro TVIQ

Channle 610

Discover the joy of learning with TVIQ! Aimed primarily at school children aged 5 - 15 years, TVIQ gives an entertaining twist to academic subjects like languages, maths and science.

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10pm every Tuesday

Rancangan hiburan terbaru; padat dengan segala yang 'trendy' lagi sensasi, dari pentas hiburan tempatan dan antarabangsa. Dihoskan oleh NABIL dan NEELOFA - pastinya kelakar, dan 'meletop'!

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Ratu Rania

Akan Datang

Rancangan realiti ini memaparkan pencarian wajah baru Safi Rania bagi wanita Malaysia yang berusia antara 30 hingga 45 tahun bagi merebut gelaran Ratu Rania. Pemilihan peserta dilakukan melalui ujibakat di 4 zon iaitu di Johor, Pulau Pinang, Kuantan dan Kuala Lumpur. Setiap minggu, peserta akan diberi pelbagai cabaran dan tugasan untuk diselesaikan.

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Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia

11pm every Saturday

30 orang selebriti dibahagikan kepada 15 kumpulan menyahut cabaran Fear Factor buat pertama kalinya di Malaysia. Menampilkan hos Aaron Aziz.

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