The Astro Scholarship Award

Be the best, BEAT THE REST

Education can transform and inspire people to shape a greater future for themselves, their families, their community and ultimately our country. It is with this firm belief that we established the Astro Scholarship Award for high-achieving students looking to pursue their pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

At Astro we believe in ensuring that our students are at peace when pursuing excellence in education. It is for this very function that our Scholarship recipients will not need to worry about their travel, living and studying expenses. In bringing that together, we also seek to empower students that are studying in Malaysia and abroad.

To cement your journey, Astro will be designing learning and leadership opportunities specifically challenge and make you better!

What our Scholars say...

Tan Yee Lian

The Astro Scholarship has enabled me to make a living out of doing what I love. With the opportunities I was given after returning from university, I could explore a variety of options from within the Astro Group, as well as be part of an incredible network of other accomplished scholars that are paving the way ahead of me.

Tan Yee Lian
AstroMAP Management Associate, Management (2013)
Associate, Corporate Finance & Investor Relations
Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) @ King's College London, UK

Edison Cheam

After completing my tertiary studies on the Astro scholarship, I was able to choose my preferred job in the GenNext department. Upon attachment to the job, I am enjoying an extremely steep learning curve.

Edison Cheam
Associate, Content Creation, GenNext
Bachelor (Hons) Film Production and Cinematography @ Bournemouth University, UK

Aisyah Ambok

The Astro Scholarship has offered many opportunities for me, helped widen my worldview, and define what I want out of a career. It was also fundamental in making me the person that I am today. Plus, through getting to know the other Astro Scholars, I’ve found inspiring, fascinating people whom I’m proud to also call my friends.

Aisyah Ambok
Associate, Creative Strategist, Astro Radio
Bachelor of Creative Industries @ Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Siti Noor Fateha

Being chosen as an Astro Scholar was a one in a million chance for someone like me. Yes, it came with responsibility and challenges, but I faced each one of them. I got back up after every fall.

Siti Noor Fateha
Associate Promo Producer, Content Management Group
Bachelor of Arts (Film, Video & Interactive Arts) @ Middlesex University, UK

Category 1: Scholarship (Pre-University / Foundation / Diploma / Undergraduate)


Field of Studies

Category 2: Scholarship (Postgraduate)


Application opens from 3rd April 2017 to 3rd May 2017