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Local is the new global
(and the reverse applies too)
How does one stay deeply connected to an intricately layered community with multiple cultures, that are worlds unto themselves? Here in Malaysia, extreme contrasts and startling similarities are the norm of everyday life. To tap into this rich, diverse mindset that is increasingly global in its outlook, one must be born of it. One must be part of it. This simple truth is what keeps us at Astro deeply connected to all Malaysians. Our insights into the many facets of Malaysian life, combined with innovative products and services, have established us as the market leader, with a 50% penetration of Malaysian TV households. This has made us one of South East Asia's biggest pay TV operators and an Asian broadcaster that is second to none, even as we continue to grow. Our local-global philosophy is out guiding principle, and the reason why we remain uppermost in the hearts and minds of Malaysians.
We provide bright and talented students with the opportunity of hands on experience, skills and knowledge in an environment that encourages professional and personal development. You will learn from the industry experts and gain insight to the world of media and broadcasting that will change your life.

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At ASTRO we believe that education is the means to develop and shape the talent, leaders and even technology of the future. The ASTRO scholarship program aims to develop industry talent and proactively develop future leaders and to drive the Media and Broadcasting industry.

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Management Associate Programme
We are offering exceptional talents to join our Astro Management Associate Programme (AstroMAP) for an exciting opportunity to be nurtured and developed into our future leaders. Unlock new possibilities through experiential learning and training experience to keep you ahead of the pack. Not to mention a chance to inspire lives through our collaboration with Teach For Malaysia.

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job opportunities
Be a part of our team of more than 3,500 dedicated and talented individuals, committed to provide the first and best entertainment in the Region. We have the region's best and brightest talents and the most exciting job in the industry. From broadcaster to producer, auditors to programmers, we offer you a career with limitless possibilities.

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Vote for Astro as Graduate Employer of Choice

We were ranked 6th most popular graduate employer in Malaysia and the finalist in the media and broadcasting industry in 2014. Our success could not have been possible if it were not for your support. Thanks and we shall continue and strive to become your preferred graduate employer of choice.

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